He’ll die to protect his species. We won’t go that far, but pretty close.

The praying mantis often gives his life to perpetuate what matters most: more praying mantises. Our purpose, while not quite as self-sacrificing, is to love what you do.


A burning piece of wood used to light fires. Ignite them. Get them going. That’s a firebrand.

People who come together freely, who share a vision but not a hierarchy. Human synergy. A network of individuals who draw strength from the diversity of their talents and ideas. That’s a tribe.

When you work with Firebrand Tribe, you become one of us, one with us. Together, we examine the kaleidoscope of your organization or company or product. The color and texture. The symbols and messages. The complexity, the simplicity. And we fall in love.

Together, we tackle your challenges, consider innovative ideas, and figure out what spark fuels your fire. Because we want your audience to fall in love with you too.

Whether you approach us seeking brand development, web design, brochures, magazines, messages, logos, widgets, or marketing campaigns, we will use our minds and hearts to craft something fresh and new. For you.

Firebrand Tribe. Give us a try. Expect us to give you our all. (On time. On budget. With love.)

Tribe Members

Bevin Hernandez


A deep contemplator. A figure outer. A “see it from 40,000 feet” person. An innovative global perspective-type who soaks up new knowledge like a sponge and uses it to generate cool — and meaningful — ideas, campaigns, and solutions. Project manager. Web Developer. Facilitator. Idea generator.

Tara Sollman


Knows beauty. Sees beauty. Makes beauty. Feels the vision and translates it into color and texture and shape. Speaks the language of her clients — even when they don’t understand themselves. A “we can change the world” type. Photographer. Presentation Designer. Creative Director.

Robin Smail


An authentic voice who is never afraid to dissent. Powerful observer. Loves to try things a different way. Enthusiastic in that infectious way that you can't escape. User Experience Specialist. Technology advocate.

Joan Koester


A beautiful and patient artist. Keen observer with a hidden wicked sense of humor. Graphic designer.

Audrey Romano


Designer. Developer. Shape-shifter with a keen sense of fashion and design. Our resident Pinterest guru. Learns everything and anything.

Matt Lipschutz


Humor? Winter has it. Brilliant figure-outer who only follows the rules when they are really important. Skilled Lead Developer and question answerer.

Angel Hernandez


An inventor. An idea guy. Loves to move forward with conviction and seeks new altitudes. Coach and Mentor. Adds a bit of fun to every bite.

Shelby Thayer


A brilliant analyst. Wicked tall and super smart. Brilliant at SEO and market strategies. Loves the big ugly button. Web Analytics ninja, tinkerer and obsessive problem solver. Also very tall.

Lynn Melander-Moore


Brilliant observer with a mind like a steel trap. Raps amazing metaphors that paint pictures. Kickboxer. Writer. Grant finder and navigator of the system-er.

Chris Calkins


A patient inquirer. Asks the right questions and finds connections. Expands empathy and elevates the art of compassion. Consultant, friend and mentor.


Not clear on what we do? That's okay, we do a little bit of everything.

Print Design, Ad Design, Magazine Design, Postcard Design, Large Format Prints, Menus, Web Design, Web Development, Web Application Design, Web Application Development, Web Content Strategy, User Experience Design, Usability Testing, Presentation Design, Speaker Coaching, Branding & Identity, Logo Design, Strategy.

Selected Work

Selected Clients

We are proud to boast the success of our clients, from small and local startups to large Fortune 50 companies.

Let us love you.